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  1. The liquidity machine

    Despite record-high equity issuance in the US, net issuance is negative – after buybacks and cash acquisitions. And then there’s dividends.

  2. Prozac Market

    Does it hurt when the stock market falls? Bad enough to make you pop Prozac? Well, you are definitely not alone.

  3. Risk-free risk

    The risk-free rate of return is the return on a very risky investment.

  4. My guy, my market

    Tell me your choice of party and I’ll tell you what you think of the stock market.

  5. Some useless predictions and pointers for 2023

    Yup, ‘tis the season for forecasts and predictions. And for trite trivialities clothed in shrewd profundities. Here’s a select few to get your critical thinking through the holiday season. Oh, and of course – Merry Christmas!

  6. The frog-boiling society

    Stock investors are supposed to respond immediately to all new information. They just need to notice it first.

  7. Hoping to get lucky?

    Big deal. In the stock market, long-term commitment makes much more of a difference.

  8. Fat profits with a snag

    Here’s a strategy that promises extremely fat profits – and low profitability.

  9. Fundamental neglect

    Here’s a 96 per cent argument that company success, not investor preferences, determines long-term returns in the stock market.

  10. The 😊 files

    True rationality is out there, statistically: Using positive emojis in Reddit posts is associated with significant excess returns.