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Report on responsible investments

In our line of business, we have been busy adapting to new sustainability legislation, such as the EU Taxonomy and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). You may have seen a line or two about that in these responsible investment reports.

Henceforth, however, the burden of reporting will fall on our portfolio companies. There is a wealth of new legislation soon to enter into force, requiring substantially more reporting efforts. Learn more in our latest report on responsible investing, no. 2-2023. 

Sustainability report 2022

Being a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled fixed income fund, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond represents a sustainability-labelled alternative for investors.

One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

Read about our work in our latest Sustainability report 2022.

Finn Øystein Bergh

Financial markets and the economy in 2022

The past year turned out to be unusually eventful, with outright war, sharply rising interest rates and towering warnings of an imminent recession. It also turned a lot of accepted wisdom on its head.

The defining event of 2022, by far, was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The financial world lost no time in condemning it as a horrifying act of aggression but, in retrospect, took far longer to realize the financial consequences. One week after the invasion, the S&P 500 was up almost 4%. At the end of the year, it was an altogether different story.