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The north part of the planet

Pareto Nordic Investment Strategies Update

Primary market activity in the Nordic high-yield space slowed down significantly from its record level, as we progressed into November, now in conjunction with yet another global increase in COVID-19 figures. While the pandemic is not over, we are seeing record strong corporate earnings in the Nordic region.

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Report on responsible investments

Responsible, sustainable investment is a young field. Motives, perceptions, definitions and regulations are constantly changing. Just a few years ago, a lot was driven by idealism. In time, investors realised that it might very well have financial benefits as well. It turned out, though, that everyone involved had wildly differing perceptions of what it really meant – and thus began the work of standardising concepts and criteria, both in the financial industry and in public auhorities.

Vacant position: Junior Sales

Pareto Asset Management is one of the leading independent fund managers in the Nordics, with headquarters in Oslo and branches in Stockholm and Frankfurt. 

For our Frankfurt office we are now looking for two junior sales to be part of the client-relationship team.

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An independent fund manager

Pareto Asset Management is an independent fund manager, with operations dating back to 1995. The company is part of the Pareto group, headquartered in Oslo, with branches in Stockholm and Frankfurt.

We believe that responsible investments are important for achieving the best possible risk-adjusted return for our unitholders and clients, and shall exercise active ownership in the portfolio companies in order to promote responsible business operations.