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It’s the carry, stupid

Norwegian interest rates are not really that high. Not if we make the comparison that Norges Bank needs to make.

Read Finn Øystein Berghs latest edition of our finance blog, The optimal Pareto.

Internship Stockholm spring 2024

Our team is looking for a driven and passionate ESG intern to support our investment processes management and contribute to positive change.

Read more about the position and apply here.

Big deal

What drove markets in 2023? That’s an easy one: interest rates. Stock markets danced to the tune of changing interest rates, which in turn reflected shifting views on inflation and central bank rate moves or statements. 

Read Finn Øystein Berghs commentary and find our latest monthly reports.

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

In our line of business, we have been busy adapting to new sustainability legislation, such as the EU Taxonomy and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). You may have seen a line or two about that in these responsible investment reports.

 Henceforth, however, the burden of reporting will fall on our portfolio companies. There is a wealth of new legislation soon to enter into force, requiring substantially more reporting efforts. Learn more in our latest report on responsible investing, no. 2-2023. 

Result of the general meeting of Pareto Nordic Omega

At the extraordinary general meeting of Pareto Nordic Omega held on 6 December 2023, shareholders voted in favour of the merger between Pareto Nordic Omega (merging fund) and Pareto Total (receiving fund). The merger will take effect on 2 January 2024.