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close-up of words CARBON TAX written on vintage typewriter

Climate risk in practice: Carbon tax?

This summer, to picture the effects of a global carbon tax, we conducted an exercise, a stress test if you will, on the Pareto Aksje Norge portfolio.

The portfolio management team mainly looked at two aspects: taxation of direct emissions (so-called scope 1) and value chain effects (scope 2 and 3). The conclusions were somewhat different from what you might expect.

Report on responsible investments

Responsible, sustainable investment is a young field. Motives, perceptions, definitions and regulations are constantly changing. Just a few years ago, a lot was driven by idealism. In time, investors realised that it might very well have financial benefits as well. It turned out, though, that everyone involved had wildly differing perceptions of what it really meant – and thus began the work of standardising concepts and criteria, both in the financial industry and in public auhorities.