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Successful windmill tilting

Bonheur has been a share for the patient.

Pareto Aksje Norge has held the share since April 2008, for many years without seeing much in terms of returns. However, it has been chronically low priced, providing, in the eyes of the portfolio managers, a good opportunity. Sooner or later, the market would certainly price in some of its significant potential.

And yes, good things do come to those who wait.

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Report on responsible investments

You may not have thought about it, but you do influence business and industry. Through your investment in securities, directly or indirectly through our funds, you exert influence on companies’ cost of capital. About time, then, to reflect on what you want to achieve by way of this influence.

Read our latest report on responsible investment, the ninth of its kind.

Finn Øystein Bergh

Financial markets and the economy in 2019

Upon entering 2019, financial markets were in the grip of gloom. Dimming global growth prospects and an unpredictable end to the trade negotiations between USA and China put a definite damper on the market sentiment. And yet, 12 more months were to pass before anyone had heard about the coronavirus.

Read the complete annual review by our Chief Investment Officer Finn Øystein Bergh.