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corona virus

Measures related to the coronavirus

Pareto Asset Management has implemented a number of measures to ensure uninterrupted operation and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19. The measures were introduced with immediate effect from Thursday 12 March, and will apply until the authorities come up with new guidelines.

We emphasise that our daily operations, with management, valuation and settlement, continue as before.

Norwegian banks’ competitive edge

In a global context, Norwegian banks are very well capitalised and efficiently run. Norwegian banks generally have low default rates, with correspondingly low losses. Banking/finance is the largest sector in our Norwegian equity fund, Pareto Aksje Norge, and makes up about a quarter of the portfolio. The majority are savings banks.

Read the portfolio manager’s commentary.

Mountains and northern light

A strong year for our Nordic high yield fund

December ended a very strong year for Pareto Nordic Corporate Bond, with positive returns for 12 consecutive months.

Fund performance throughout the year was characterised by low volatility combined with solid returns in the Nordic market, in both absolute and relative terms. The fund has experienced strong growth in total assets, almost tripling during the year.

Aerial view of trees in the fog

Report on responsible investments

To understand and control the risks in the companies we own, we often engage in dialogue with the management of the company. As an example, in the fund Pareto Aksje Norge we have reached out to a total of 25 companies (almost the entire portfolio) on ESG issues over the past year.

Read more about what we mean by "active ownership" in our eighth report on responsible investment.