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What’s another month?

Did it ever strike you that months and years are random periods? Why 30 or 31 days, or 28, when, mathematically, 27 is a much more elegant number (3^3)? And why have years that end on 31 December?

Read Finn Øystein Berghs commentary and find our latest monthly reports.

The frog-boiling society

Stock investors are supposed to respond immediately to all new information. They just need to notice it first.

Read Finn Øystein Berghs latest edition of our finance blog, The optimal Pareto.

Renewing the ESG-vows

Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond is the first fixed income fund to be awarded the new license approval for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel 2.0.  On Friday 25 November the team was awarded the formal approval at an event in Stockholm. – We are very grateful and proud to be the first fixed income fund to receive a license approval from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for the application of the second-generation criteria. 

Brian’s guide to sustainable investing

Much needed progress has been made on defining, classifying, and reporting on sustainability in European legislation. We applaud this development. We do, however, believe in working it out for ourselves. After all, that’s what active management is all about. 

Learn what Monty Python's movie Life of Brian has to do with all of this in our latest report on responsible investing, no. 2-2022. Or you may just work it out for yourself.