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Report on responsible investments

We have written several times about our commitment to responsible and sustainable investments. This report, made to show how we handle this commitment, is the tenth of its kind. 

The report provides more detail on how we go about implementing our guidelines on responsible investments, and share actual dilemmas: Companies that have caused us a bit of a headache.

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Elections, markets, and … Margaret Thatcher?

- I'm writing this after a long night of following the US presidential election, and before a winner has been declared. The outcome is still hanging in the balance. What I do know, is that a lot of our clients are asking themselves – or us – what the outcome of the election means for the financial markets.

Read the commentary and find our fund updates for October.

Discretionary mandates since 1995

Celebrating 25 years!

For a quarter of a century, Pareto Asset Management has built values as a long-term and value-oriented owner in solid Norwegian companies. This has paid off.

For those of our customers who have been patient, 10 million invested in 1995 has yielded a return of NOK 173 million, i.e. a return of 163 million. 

Swedish green bonds: Lessons from COVID-19

How did green bonds act as a stabiliser in bond portfolios in times of liquidity crisis?

Read the paper, co-written with CICERO Shades of Green (Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research), and learn what we found studying the Swedish bond market during the COVID-19 crisis.