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  1. Old-time highs

    Gold keeps hitting new all-time highs, according to news reports. It’s a shining example of money illusion.

  2. Face value

    The stock market has more return factors than momentum, value, and size. Beauty, for instance.

  3. Large-denomination ballots

    Political elections and the stock market have a lot to do with each other. For instance, you can construct an opinion poll beta.

  4. It’s the carry, stupid

    Norwegian interest rates are not really that high. Not if we make the comparison that Norges Bank needs to make.

  5. The soft landing conundrum

    Puzzled that economic growth holds up so well despite the massive interest hikes? We may all be wrong about interest rates.

  6. Counting all-time highs

    Outdated stock market indices underestimate the frequency of all-time highs – and of course the long-term returns.

  7. … a hundredfold now in this time …

    After little more than 40 years of modern stock indices, the Norwegian stock market has increased investors’ wealth by a factor of more than 100 – and passed what was once considered a fantasy level.

  8. Geographically challenged

    Geographical exposure is easily misunderstood. Like the idea that domicile matters.

  9. Getting paid for having lunch

    The evidence before us now is incontrovertible: In the Norwegian stock market, you’ve been lavishly rewarded for avoiding risk.