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  1. Active ownership and responsible investments

    We want to provide steadily better transparency and understanding of the way we work with responsible investment. Read more about this and what we mean by "active ownership" in our eighth report on responsible investment.

  2. What’s risk?

    You’re certainly excused if you felt a bit of trepidation as we entered September. There was no shortage of comments pointing out that September is, statistically, a poor month in the stock market.

  3. Chronicles of a recession foretold

    Talk of the town this August? Try “global recession”. Pundits of all ranks have proposed many arguments why we’re heading for a recession, from the inverted yield curve to a number of indicators pointing downwards.

  4. Semiannual report 2019

    In history, the first half of 2019 may be remembered for an escalation of conflict levels.

  5. A bit of suntan logic

    Many of these fund updates will tell you that the first half of the year turned out well for your investments, despite a mature cycle, a looming trade war and geopolitical tensions.

  6. Bonheur at the top of the return list

    -As we round off the first half of 2019, Fred.Olsen-controlled Bonheur lights up at the top of the return list, says portfolio manager of Pareto Aksje Norge, Torbjørn Frønningen

  7. Taking advantage through structural moves

    -May provided two examples of our portfolio companies taking advantage of the opportunity to create value through structural moves, says portfolio manager of Pareto Aksje Norge, Torbjørn Frønningen

  8. To manage a Swan-labeled fund

    In 2018, Pareto Global Corporate Bond became the first fixed income fund in Norway, Sweden and Finland to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. As a result we have committed to a demanding process of verifying that all the holdings in the fund comply with the strict sustainability requirements of the Swan label at any time.