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  1. A predictable surprise

    You may have been pleasantly surprised to see that the International Monetary Fund once again upgraded their global growth estimates.

  2. Can’t see the trees for the forest?

    Long-term German government bonds, arguably one of the safest assets in the world, fell by 2.5 per cent in February. US bonds of the same maturity, 10 years, dropped some 1.8 per cent. In fact, investment grade bonds in general had a weak month.

  3. Pent-up demand

    So … former US president Donald J. Trump is finally out of the White House, after an admittedly not entirely peaceful transition. Vaccine programmes have been rolled out, although not without glitches. And stimulus measures are still working their way through markets and economies, with a powerful combination of fiscal punch and monetary greasing.

  4. The comeback kid

    Pareto Investment Fund had a very strong end to the year and ended in positive territory. In December, the fund managed to almost offset the lead to the index since the bottom in March.

  5. Sustainability report 2020

    One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fixed income fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

  6. Ignorant bliss

    It’s New Year’s Eve 2019 and you are tasked with producing a forecast for 2020. You then happen to meet an epidemiologist with a crystal ball, revealing that this will be the year of a disastrous pandemic.

  7. Top ten articles in 2020

    We have published many articles and comments throughout the year. Here we have gathered the ten most read articles in 2020.

  8. Celebrating one (demanding) year

    Pareto Nordic Cross Credit celebrated its one-year anniversary this November. During extreme adverse and challenging market conditions the fund’s AUM has slowly but steadily increased throughout the year and the portfolio managers have delivered positive returns, not only for the fund’s first full year, but also year to date.