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  1. Financial nativity

    So, what happened in November? In keeping with my perhaps predictable insistence that a lot of current information turns out to be little more than noise, you will find no reference to trade negotiations, rate cuts, credit spreads, earnings estimates or global growth this month.

  2. Pareto Nordic Cross Credit

    Get access to Nordic bonds with low geopolitical risk, an ESG profile and untapped opportunities from the full Nordic credit spectrum.

  3. A renaissance for value stocks?

    In September, we saw clear signs that value stocks can have their renaissance. In line with falling interest rates since the global financial crisis, growth stocks have delivered far better returns than value stocks.

  4. The comforting sight of new all-time highs

    In July, the S&P 500 made headlines when it crossed the 3,000 mark for the very first time. In October, the index hit yet another all-time high, a point which did not go unnoticed by e.g. the US presidential tweeter. Do we care?

  5. Active ownership and responsible investments

    We want to provide steadily better transparency and understanding of the way we work with responsible investment. Read more about this and what we mean by "active ownership" in our eighth report on responsible investment.

  6. What’s risk?

    You’re certainly excused if you felt a bit of trepidation as we entered September. There was no shortage of comments pointing out that September is, statistically, a poor month in the stock market.

  7. Chronicles of a recession foretold

    Talk of the town this August? Try “global recession”. Pundits of all ranks have proposed many arguments why we’re heading for a recession, from the inverted yield curve to a number of indicators pointing downwards.