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  1. Norwegian banks’ competitive edge

    In a global context, Norwegian banks are very well capitalised and efficiently run. Norwegian banks generally have low default rates, with correspondingly low losses.

  2. Result of unitholder meeting

    On 13 February 2020 a unitholder meeting was held in Pareto Høyrente to discuss the proposed merger between Pareto Høyrente and Pareto Nordic Cross Credit.

  3. Logically subdued

    No doubt about the topic of the month this time. The coronavirus har unleashed a flood of dire news reports and more than a trickle of medical warnings.

  4. Notice to shareholders

    Pareto Asset Management AS hereby informs that it is proposed that Pareto Høyrente (Merging Fund) be merged with Pareto Nordic Cross Credit (Receiving Fund).

  5. Financial nativity

    So, what happened in November? In keeping with my perhaps predictable insistence that a lot of current information turns out to be little more than noise, you will find no reference to trade negotiations, rate cuts, credit spreads, earnings estimates or global growth this month.

  6. Pareto Nordic Cross Credit

    Get access to Nordic bonds with low geopolitical risk, an ESG profile and untapped opportunities from the full Nordic credit spectrum.