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Merger proposal approved

Pareto Investment Fund will be open for subscription and redemption until 28 November 2023. The unit-holders has the right to redeem their units free of charge in this period. After this date the fund will be closed for subscriptions and redemptions until the merger is completed on 5 December 2023.

From the effective date, unit-holders can exercise their rights as unit-holders in Pareto Aksje Norge. All unit-holders in Pareto Investment Fund, including those who did not use their voting rights and those who voted against the merger, will become unit-holders in Pareto Aksje Norge, unless the unit-holders exercise the right to redeem by 28 November 2023.

Background and justification

The background and justification for the merger can be found in the Information to unit-holders.

General meeting of unit-holders carried out

The general meetings of unit-holders were held on 9 November 2023. The merger was approved by 99.99 percent of the votes cast in Pareto Investment Fund and 100.00 percent of the votes cast in Pareto Aksje Norge respectively.

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Pareto Aksje Norge is an equity fund with long-term holdings in a limited number of listed companies in Norway, operating in industries where Norwegian companies have a competitive advantage.