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  1. No summertime blues

    I ticked off June by wishing everybody a wonderful, care-free summer. A number of investors can probably attest to having had a summer along such lines. Credit spreads fell on both sides of the Atlantic, global bonds strengthened, and most stock markets rose appreciably. The S&P 500 returned 3.2%, while STOXX Europe 600 rose by 2.2%. As for care-free, volatility fell in the US but rose somewhat in Europe.

  2. Without a care

    What a difference a year makes! In June 2022, the S&P 500 and the MSCI World Index fell by about 8%. This year, June delivered 6.6% and 5.7%, respectively. If you sold in May and went away, don’t send me a mail about timing.

  3. ESG, research, returns, risk, rebuttal …

    We’ve stated, time and again, that responsible investment is not about being altruistic. We believe that it will also pay off. However, research is piling up that seems to indicate otherwise. So why do we keep at it?

  4. Conditional knowledge

    Investing entails acting on unknowns. We don’t know how economic growth develops. We don’t know where interest rates go. We don’t know future commodity prices or how geopolitics will unfold. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are likely to surprise. And changes in tax policy on a whim? Add to the list.

  5. Results from election meeting

    At the election meeting, held on 31 May 2023, two unitholder representatives were elected to the board of Pareto Asset Management.

  6. Myopic returns

    Rising interest rates? Continued war in Europe? Debt ceiling fight looming? No matter. Global stock markets continued their ascent in April, lifting this year’s returns to 11.4% for the STOXX Europe 600 and 9.2% for the S&P 500.

  7. Completion of merger

    It has today been decided to carry out a merger between Pareto Nordic Alpha (merging sub-fund) and Pareto Nordic Equity (receiving sub-fund).

  8. Sustainability report 2022

    One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fixed income fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

  9. Redefining risk

    The past year turned out to be unusually eventful, with outright war, sharply rising interest rates and towering warnings of an imminent recession. It also turned a lot of accepted wisdom on its head.