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  1. Fundamentally flawed

    This month I’ll go way back in financial history. Bear with me:

  2. Semiannual report 2020

    It has been a dramatic first six months, with a sharp fall in February and March, followed by a strong recovery.

  3. PRI Assessment report 2020

    Pareto Asset Management is proud to have been awarded A+ by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) for our overall Strategy and Governance.

  4. Boring … boring … boring …?

    Yes, July turned out to be another good month for both stocks and bonds. Nordic and global stock markets rose by some three to four per cent in local currency, while credit spreads were compressed, especially in US high yield, tightening by more than one percentage point.

  5. Rising with the current

    In October 2018, Pareto Global invested in the French company Schneider Electric, which sells products and services that ensure uninterrupted energy supply and reduce electricity consumption.

  6. Don’t fight them all

    There’s a market adage that says, “don’t fight the Fed”. This year, we have seen that it just might need to be revised, or rather expanded.

  7. Successful windmill tilting

    Bonheur has been a share for the patient. Pareto Aksje Norge has held the share since April 2008, for many years without seeing much in terms of returns. However, it has been chronically low priced, providing, in the eyes of the portfolio managers, a good opportunity.