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  1. Wireless and incalculable

    Estimating the value of a stock isn’t always particularly straightforward. Nordic Semiconductor is a good example.

  2. The power of a declaration of contents

    The world has a long list of challenges that can only be solved through a common set of rules, alignment and cooperation between countries. The problem is that, in international politics, common rules are few and far between.

  3. No, not catching a green wave

    A long-term perspective does not necessarily imply that the return is a long time in coming. It may just happen that our fund managers make a new investment and experience a rapidly appreciating stock price from day one.

  4. FOMC minutes – or minutiae

    On May 19, the US Federal Open Market Committee released the minutes of its April 27-28 meeting. As usual, market pundits immediately dove into the 13-page document.

  5. ESG in times of SFDR and EU taxonomy

    As a dedicated ESG analyst for our fixed income fund Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond, Nawel Boukedroun works full time to fulfil the strict requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Nordics’ official ecolabel. We asked her how this past year has affected her job.

  6. Webinar: Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond

    Thursday 27 May we hosted a webinar with the portfolio management team of our Swan-labelled fixed income fund, and Article 9 fund under the SFDR, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond.

  7. Misplaced panic

    Polaris is an unknown brand for most Norwegians. The Minnesota-based company produces quad bikes, snowmobiles, boats and motorcycles, mostly for the North American market. Good growth, high returns on equity and a strong balance sheet put it on the radar of the Pareto Global portfolio managers, who bought their first stocks in 2018.

  8. Should you be worried?

    This month, all arrows pointed in the right direction. Long-term yields stabilised, credit spreads fell, commodity prices rose, and stock markets climbed further.