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  1. “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

    In our line of business, we have been busy adapting to new sustainability legislation, such as the EU Taxonomy and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). You may have seen a line or two about that in these responsible investment reports.

  2. A nice reward for risk

    There is a lot to say about November 2023 and in financial terms it’s all positive: It was an extraordinarily good month, with lower long rates and lower credit spreads fuelling a rally in both bonds and stocks.

  3. Merger information

    Pareto Asset Management would like to announce that the merger between Pareto Investment Fund (merging fund) and Pareto Aksje Norge (receiving fund) has been completed.

  4. Result of the general meeting of unit-holders in Pareto Nordic Omega

    At the extraordinary general meeting of Pareto Nordic Omega held on 6 December 2023, shareholders voted in favour of the merger between Pareto Nordic Omega (merging fund) and Pareto Total (receiving fund). The merger will take effect on 2 January 2024.

  5. Result of the general meeting of unit-holders

    On 9 November 2023 the general meetings of unit-holders were summoned to vote on the proposed merger between Pareto Investment Fund and Pareto Aksje Norge. The merger was approved and will go ahead as scheduled. Effective date will be 5 December 2023.

  6. Momentous developments

    What’s to remember about October 2023? If you don’t immediately think of the October 7 terrorist attacks and the ensuing Gaza war, you need to lift your gaze. There’s more to this world than securities markets.

  7. Forward guess rates

    No, September wasn’t a good month in global fixed income or equity. Blame it on interest rates. While the US Federal Reserve abstained from further hikes at its last FOMC meeting, the ECB, Norges Bank, and Riksbanken all added 25 basis points (bps) to their key rates. And all were relatively hawkish in their statements and/or choice of background material.

  8. Inflation, polar bears, and China

    Are interest rates finally starting to bite? Concurrent inflation figures are certainly lower, and we have an increasing number of supporting observations, from housing prices to GDP growth and job creation. It may take a while for the Federal Reserve to bring inflation down from levels above 3% to their target of 2%, but remember – last summer it almost reached 9%. The trajectory is less pronounced on this side of the Atlantic, but the general picture is much the same.