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  1. Monthly reports September 2022

    The market sharply increased in volatility and lost its footing. Basically, all risk assets fell, especially after the Federal Reserve interest rate decision on September 21.

  2. Monthly reports August 2022

    Credit spreads ended the month higher and interest rates rose after inflation figures in the US and Europe remained high. Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond’s performance fell back slightly during the month.

  3. Monthly reports July 2022

    Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond’s development was very strong in July, up more than 3 per cent.

  4. Monthly reports June 2022

    During the first half of the year and also in June, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond developed better than global, American and European high-yield indices. However, we are humbled by the fact that the fund has fallen.

  5. Monthly reports May 2022

    Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond had net inflows during the month and used the inflows in both the primary and secondary markets.

  6. Tough times, tough measures, soft measures

    It’s 2022 and we honestly never imagined a European country invading another European country. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a shocking, atrocious, detestable act of aggression.

  7. Brian’s guide to sustainable investing

    The Monty Python movie Life of Brian (1979) has a brilliant scene in which Brian reluctantly addresses a crowd of people believing he is the new Messiah:

  8. Monthly reports April 2022

    Companies must now pay more in terms of credit spreads, while central banks are raising interest rates. This entails much more attractive yields for credit investors.