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  1. Monthly reports June 2021

    When we sum up the month of June and the first half of the year, we do it with a smile.

  2. The power of a declaration of contents

    The world has a long list of challenges that can only be solved through a common set of rules, alignment and cooperation between countries. The problem is that, in international politics, common rules are few and far between.

  3. ESG in times of SFDR and EU taxonomy

    As a dedicated ESG analyst for our fixed income fund Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond, Nawel Boukedroun works full time to fulfil the strict requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Nordics’ official ecolabel. We asked her how this past year has affected her job.

  4. Webinar: Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond

    Thursday 27 May we hosted a webinar with the portfolio management team of our Swan-labelled fixed income fund, and Article 9 fund under the SFDR, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond.

  5. Monthly reports April 2021

    We have a stable rain of stimuli for some time to come, and eventual concerns about inflation and deficits may rest in the background for the time being.

  6. Notice of Annual General Meeting

    The annual general meeting in Pareto SICAV will be held remotely on 28 April 2021 at 11:30 (Luxembourg time) in line with ongoing social distancing recommendations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  7. Monthly reports March 2021

    Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond had a positive month despite some headwinds globally. We have been heavily underweighted USD issues throughout the year, and this has been positive for the fund’s performance.