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  1. Monthly reports March 2024

    “There are ways to get there. If you care enough for the living. Make a little space. Make a better place.” (Heal the World, Michael Jackson, 1991)

  2. Sustainability report 2023

    One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fixed income fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

  3. Monthly reports February 2024

    “Saying’, (this is my message to you). Singing’ don’t worry ’bout a thing ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.” (Three Little Birds, Bob Marley)

  4. Monthly reports January 2024

    “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it” (Albert Einstein)

  5. Monthly reports December 2023

    Here in the Nordics, we go through the darkest days of the year in the month of December. The early part of the fourth quarter looked dark in the market as well, but a remarkable turnaround during the months of November and December spread a bit of joy. For the fund, December was also an exceptionally strong performance month for our unitholders.

  6. Monthly reports November 2023

    As for superior returns, we are very happy about the fund’s November return. November 2023 ended with the second-best monthly performance the fund has had since its inception in 2015.

  7. Merger information

    Pareto Asset Management would like to announce that the merger between Pareto Investment Fund (merging fund) and Pareto Aksje Norge (receiving fund) has been completed.

  8. Monthly reports October 2023

    The new issue market slowed significantly during the month of October. Many of the companies that issued were from the energy sector. The strategy going forward remains having a strong focus on companies that contribute with sustainable solutions here and now, and so the fund did not participate in any of these new issues during the month. The fund had positive net inflow and we used inflows to add to several existing positions.

  9. Result of the general meeting of unit-holders

    On 9 November 2023 the general meetings of unit-holders were summoned to vote on the proposed merger between Pareto Investment Fund and Pareto Aksje Norge. The merger was approved and will go ahead as scheduled. Effective date will be 5 December 2023.