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  1. Monthly reports June 2020

    We have only reached the halfway mark for 2020 and major new events are still affecting our society.

  2. Financial markets and the economy in 2019

    The markets once again overruled intuition: Global growth estimates were reduced by a full percentage point – and universal gloom turned to exuberance.

  3. Even more active management

    You may not have thought about it, but you do influence business and industry. Through your investment in securities, directly or indirectly through our funds, you exert influence on companies’ cost of capital. About time, then, to reflect on what you want to achieve by way of this influence.

  4. Monthly reports May 2020

    We all look for answers and signs that society can return to something that deserves to be called normalcy. We all want to leave Covid-19 behind us.

  5. Monthly reports April 2020

    Pareto Global Corporate Bond’s return in April was one of the best ever. The defensive nature of the fund contributed to the recovery being so strong.

  6. Annual report 2019

    Upon entering 2019, financial markets were in the grip of gloom, after major stock market declines and increasing corporate bond spreads in the last quarter of 2018.

  7. Monthly reports March 2020

    In March, we observed some of the biggest declines in risk assets of all time. Such a sharp decline also creates great opportunities, however.

  8. Measures related to the coronavirus

    Pareto Asset Management has implemented a number of measures to ensure uninterrupted operation and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19.

  9. Result of unitholder meeting

    On 13 February 2020 a unitholder meeting was held in Pareto Høyrente to discuss the proposed merger between Pareto Høyrente and Pareto Nordic Cross Credit.