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  1. Monthly reports November 2021

    The COVID-19 virus and its constant mutations stay with us like a bad habit. The latest development in November was that another severe variant, Omicron, has surfaced and spread. Many countries reintroduced limitations on travel. The markets reacted to the uncertainty with a sell-off of risk assets.

  2. Building our boat in voyage

    Responsible, sustainable investment is a young field. Motives, perceptions, definitions and regulations are constantly changing. Just a few years ago, a lot was driven by idealism.

  3. Monthly reports October 2021

    We are all born on this planet and the only way to preserve it is to find some political compromises that contribute to the good of the planet.

  4. Monthly reports September 2021

    The financial market had a cautious attitude in September, with the stock market and credit market declining during the latter part of the month.

  5. Monthly reports August 2021

    The fund Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond had a good month with a positive return and high activity in both the primary and secondary markets. Several new names were added to the portfolio.

  6. Monthly reports July 2021

    The fund Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond had another solid month with positive returns in all share classes. AUM grew during the month and we were active in the market during the first weeks of July.

  7. Monthly reports June 2021

    When we sum up the month of June and the first half of the year, we do it with a smile.

  8. The power of a declaration of contents

    The world has a long list of challenges that can only be solved through a common set of rules, alignment and cooperation between countries. The problem is that, in international politics, common rules are few and far between.

  9. ESG in times of SFDR and EU taxonomy

    As a dedicated ESG analyst for our fixed income fund Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond, Nawel Boukedroun works full time to fulfil the strict requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Nordics’ official ecolabel. We asked her how this past year has affected her job.