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  1. Monthly reports July 2022

    Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond’s development was very strong in July, up more than 3 per cent.

  2. Monthly reports June 2022

    During the first half of the year and also in June, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond developed better than global, American and European high-yield indices. However, we are humbled by the fact that the fund has fallen.

  3. Monthly reports May 2022

    Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond had net inflows during the month and used the inflows in both the primary and secondary markets.

  4. Tough times, tough measures, soft measures

    It’s 2022 and we honestly never imagined a European country invading another European country. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a shocking, atrocious, detestable act of aggression.

  5. Monthly reports April 2022

    Companies must now pay more in terms of credit spreads, while central banks are raising interest rates. This entails much more attractive yields for credit investors.

  6. Monthly reports March 2022

    In March, the fund ended with a slight increase. The second part of the month was very strong, and the secondary market was very active.

  7. Financial markets and the economy in 2021

    Good news, bad news and real news. In 2021, bouncing back from the depths of the pandemic, we got a lot of good news. But not good enough for the stimulative policies to be pulled back. We also got an indisputable reminder of what really drives financial market returns.

  8. Sustainability report 2021

    One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fixed income fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

  9. Monthly reports February 2022

    In February, political turmoil drove credit spreads apart. However, the quarterly reports released this month were generally strong.

  10. Monthly reports January 2022

    Last year ended very strongly in the credit market. Therefore, a possible retreat in January was not entirely unexpected.