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Welcome to Pareto Asset Management

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Sustainability report 2020

Being a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled fixed income fund, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond represents a sustainability-labelled alternative for savers and professional investors.

One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

Read about our work in the Sustainability report 2020.

Stefan Ericson and Mathias Lundmark

Integrating ESG in the fund name

On 16 November 2020 we received approval for renaming our Swan-labelled fixed income fund.

The new name of the fund is Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond

– With this name change, we further emphasise our commitment to making sustainable investments, says Senior portfolio manager Stefan Ericson.

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Report on responsible investments

We have written several times about our commitment to responsible and sustainable investments. This report, made to show how we handle this commitment, is the tenth of its kind. 

The report provides more detail on how we go about implementing our guidelines on responsible investments, and share actual dilemmas: Companies that have caused us a bit of a headache.

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To manage a Swan-labeled fund

The task of integrating sustainability and identifying corporate governance issues is conducted through a fundamental ESG analysis prior to investments.

Here we share a few examples that provide an idea of the challenges we meet in implementing this analysis.

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An independent fund manager

Pareto Asset Management is an independent fund manager, with operations dating back to 1995. The company is part of the Pareto group, headquartered in Oslo, with branches in Stockholm and Frankfurt.

We believe that responsible investments are important for achieving the best possible risk-adjusted return for our unitholders and clients, and shall exercise active ownership in the portfolio companies in order to promote responsible business operations.