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Monthly reports December

In recent years, we have lived in a stimulus bubble on a scale never seen before. Now that these stimuli are being removed and the world has witnessed one of the most aggressive global rate hike cycles in the last 40 years, the effect was strongly negative for most asset classes. 

Read our latest commentary and find our monthly reports for December 2022.

Report on responsible investments

It’s 2022 and we honestly never imagined a European country invading another European country. Why we preface this report with a reference to the Russian invasion? We believe there are at least two relevant connections, in addition to the more obvious dimensions of ethics and morals.

Read more in our latest report on responsible investments, no. 1-2022.

Sustainability report 2021

Being a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled fixed income fund, Pareto ESG Global Corporate Bond represents a sustainability-labelled alternative for savers and professional investors.

One of our obligations as a Swan-labelled fund is to publish an annual report on the sustainability performance of the fund.

Read about our work in our latest Sustainability report 2021.

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An independent fund manager

Pareto Asset Management is an independent fund manager, with operations dating back to 1995. The company is part of the Pareto group, headquartered in Oslo, with branches in Stockholm and Frankfurt.

We believe that responsible investments are important for achieving the best possible risk-adjusted return for our unitholders and clients, and shall exercise active ownership in the portfolio companies in order to promote responsible business operations.