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The fund is available in two share classes

The share classes are distinguished by different management fees and minimum investments.

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Share class B:

Minimum investment is 500 NOK, and the annual management fee is 1.80%.

  • Accumulated return: %
  • Annualised return:
  • NAV: :

Simulated returns from 06.09.2001–31.12.2005 are based on historical returns for unit class I, adjusted for management fees for unit class B. Returns from 31.12.2005–10.07.2015 are achieved in Pareto Verdi. The fund continues as unit class B in Pareto Aksje Norge. Simulated returns and risk figures are provided for illustrative purposes only. Historical returns are no guarantee for future returns. Future returns will depend, inter alia, on, market developments, the portfolio manager’s skill, the fund’s risk profile, as well as fees for subscription, management and redemption. Returns may become negative as a result of negative price developments. This is marketing communication.

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How we invest

Pareto Aksje Norge is managed by Einar Løvoll and Besim Zekiri. The investment team has a fundamental approach, analysing key data (profits, dividends, balance sheet, capital structure) and business strategy. Emphasis is on a sound capital structures, strong returns on equity and moderate pricing, and not general market conditions, macroeconomics, technical analyses and speculative factors. Lead portfolio manager is Einar Løvoll.

Einar Løvoll

Einar Løvoll

Lead portfolio manager / Discretionary mandates

Besim Zekiri

Besim Zekiri

Portfolio manager / Discretionary mandates

Eirik Andresen

Eirik Osberg Andresen


With more than 200 listed companies, Norway constitutes a limited stock market. The Norwegian economy is open; the export/import share is high. Norwegian companies largely focus on international markets and exports, and many can be characterised as global players. This means that through Norwegian companies you can participate in growth in emerging- and other markets, but that you are also often subject to swings in the global economy.

Some industries dominate, such as energy and energy-related companies, as well as seafood and shipping. These are industries where Norway has competitive advantages, and over the years the Pareto group has accumulated thorough competence.


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