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Since our inception in 1995, we have managed funds for municipalities, foundations, investment firms and private investors. Many of our clients have been invested with us since the beginning, as well as employees and owners of the Pareto group are heavily invested in our funds, in total being our largest client.

We are based in Oslo, with branches in Stockholm and Frankfurt. We are a part of the Pareto group – a solid firm with experience and a track record dating back to 1985.

We are a boutique fund manager, with a narrow and focused management.

Employees as well as owners of the Pareto group are heavily invested in our funds.

Responsible Investment

Our guidelines for responsible investing are anchored in the guidelines formed by the Norwegian Government Pension Fund and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The guidelines ensure a responsible profile on all our funds. Considerations on social conditions, environmental effects and sustainability are made on each company we invest in.

We seek to invest in companies with top quality operations and management. Hence, we will not invest in companies on the exclusion list of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund. We are a proud member of the Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association.

Selected highlights from our history

  • 1995: The inception year of our equity management 
  • 1998: The beginning of our fixed income management 
  • 2006: The beginning of our global equity management
  • 2014: We opened our Stockholm branch 
  • 2015: We signed the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment 
  • 2015: We merged with Pareto Nordic Investments 
  • 2015: The beginning of our global fixed income management 
  • 2017: Accumulated return for our clients reached NOK 30 billion since inception 
  • 2018: Opened our first non-Nordic branch in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2018: Pareto Global Corporate Bond is the first fixed income fund in Norway, Sweden and Finland to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Our employees

Our investment philosophy

We are an active fund manager, striving to deliver solid returns to our investors through active investment decisions.

Our portfolio managers have a close relation to your investments, and are continuously pursuing investment cases that will deliver the best long term returns for you.