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The framework is suitable for long-term retirement savings, and is an available service from turned 18 to 75 years.


  • Annual tax reduction of up to NOK 8 800 (in 2020)
  • The balance is exempt from wealth tax
  • No capital gains tax in the savings period
  • You can pause or end your savings whenever it suits you
  • Your IPS account can include equity, fixed income and balanced funds


  • Maximum saving amount per year is NOK 40 000
  • The savings are in lock-up until turned 62 years, like other pension plans
  • Withdrawals that are started before the age of 70, must be paid out until the age of 80, at the least
  • Withdrawals that are started after the age of 70, must be paid out over a period of  minimum 10 years

Why set up an IPS with us

  • We are an active fund manager with an aim to deliver solid returns to our investors through active security selection. Hence, our portfolio managers are close to the organisation and management of your underlying investments. They strive to always make the right decision for long-term investment returns.
  • Retirement savings are long-term investments. Selecting an asset manager with a long-term focus and solid long-term performance will be important.
  • You are free to choose which of our funds to include in your portfolio. We will also provide advice on the composition of the portfolio, customised to your needs.
  • As you approach your retirement age we will assist you with a gradual reduction of risk in your portfolio, by taking down the equity allocation. In that way, we reduce the risk of a large correction in equity markets occurring at the time you start your withdrawals.

If you prefer long-term investing without the framework of IPS, please check our individual funds. Outside the IPS- framework you can invest without a lock-up until retirement age.

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