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How to navigate through the different ESG labels and make sustainable decisions when investing in fixed income? These were some of the issues we discussed.

In addition, we looked at:

  • The most important aspect of ESG investing, within fixed income
  • How the Swan ecolabel compare to the process and quality assurance of other labels
  • The added value of focusing on ESG within fixed income
  • Key benefits of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel after the EU taxonomy framework is implemented


From left: Nicolas Redon; an expert in green finance at Novethic, Per Sandell; from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Gustaf Tegell; PM of the fossil free fund Pareto Nordic Cross Credit and Stefan Ericson; PM of the Nordic Swan ecolabelled fund Pareto Global Corporate Bond.

Watch the webinar here

The webinar is over, but you can watch the recording here: