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After strong growth in recent years, our assets under management now amount to 56 billion, somewhat less than €5.5 bn. Of this, we manage close to NOK 50 billion in Nordic securities, with a local presence in both Norway and Sweden.

The growth is a consequence of Pareto Asset Management's success in both fixed income and equities. An important part of our further endeavours in the Nordic space is the equity fund Pareto Nordic Equity, where Christian Nygaard and Ole Jørgen Grøneng Nilsen now assume the role of joint portfolio managers.

Both will benefit from cooperation with their colleagues in both Norwegian, Swedish and global securities, just as they in turn will be valuable resources for their colleagues in these areas. In total, Pareto Asset Management now has an independent asset management staff comprising a total of 22 managers and analysts in two countries.

Christian Nygaard has extensive experience in the field, of which the last 13 years as senior manager for Nordic equities in the flexible funds Pareto Nordic Alpha and Pareto Nordic Omega. In both funds, good stock selection has made a significant contribution to performance. He will remain manager of these funds, where the shareholdings will be aligned with the portfolio in Pareto Nordic Equity. 

His partner Ole Jørgen Grøneng Nilsen has managed Nordic and global shares for us for almost 13 years. Like Christian, he has demonstrated his ability to find good, undervalued quality companies with profitable business models and high returns on invested capital. Going forward, Ole Jørgen will also manage Pareto Nordic Alpha and Pareto Nordic Omega together with Christian.


New portfolio management team