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Pareto Asset Management AS propose to merge Pareto Høyrente (Merging Fund) with Pareto Nordic Cross Credit (Receiving Fund), a sub-fund in Pareto SICAV. The unitholders in Pareto Høyrente shall pursuant to the Norwegian Securities Fund Act process and approve such changes at a unitholder meeting.


The background and reasons for the proposed merger can be found in the enclosed Information to the unitholders in Pareto Høyrente. The proposed merger has been considered and approved by the Board of Directors of Pareto Asset Management AS, including the unitholder-elected Board Members, and the Board of Directors of Pareto SICAV. The Norwegian FSA, Finanstilsynet, has given its consent to the proposed merger, and it is now up to the unitholders in Pareto Høyrente to decide whether the merger should be carried out.

Unitholders meeting 13 February 2020

It is hereby convened to the unitholders meeting 13 February 2020 at 10:00 CET in the management company's premises at Dronning Mauds gate 3 (8th floor) in Oslo.

Unitholders are asked at the unitholders' meeting to decide on:

  1. Election of chairperson, referent and a person to sign the minutes together with the chair of the meeting
  2. Review of submitted questions from the unitholders
  3. Proposal for merger of Pareto Høyrente with Pareto Nordic Cross Credit

Forms for participation, proxy and advance voting can be found in the enclosed notice:

The result of the unitholder meeting will be published on our webpage

If the unitholder meeting approves the merger, it will be effective 9 March 2020. Unitholders that do not want to receive shares in Pareto Nordic Cross Credit must in such a case redeem their units in Pareto Høyrente at the latest 2 March 2020.